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The use of high performance plastics, such as polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and polyether imide (cleansky), which is a high performance material low cost principle for the application of structures (also referred to as the structure), is also the European Commission funded program
The idea of this project, which will last from reality in the next two years, much of the burden on the market affordable 3D printers for photo polymerization or sintering material, thereby eliminating some high performance polymers such as PEEK and polyetherimide (PEI).
Most manufacturers will know the benefits of these materials, such as PEEK is an engineering thermoplastic polymer with performance and durability is very strong, and it is a slightly cheaper but equally powerful amorphous thermoplastic. It is worth noting that the two kinds of materials can be used in the manufacture of thermal and mechanical properties of the special close, some metal parts, making them an ideal choice in aerospace, automotive and medical fields.
In recent years, companies and research institutions have been trying to adapt to the frequency FFF / 3D printing materials, and have achieved some success in Germany. For example, indmatec material development, has successfully created the 3D print peek, but due to the high melting point materials (need a hot end, can reach 400 DEG C), it can not be used in any FDM desktop 3D printer.

At present, most of the FDM / FFF 3D printing system, with high performance plastic printing is in the testing phase, but it is a low cost PEEK or Ultem 3D to print the most promising.Jordan 3D printing technology from Bouvier rescoll, and the spectrum of the project, their goal is to develop a 3D printer will cost less than 300000 yourself. (although the price is expensive, but the industrial grade titanium sintering or electron beam melting system cost is only a small part.)
With the company’s explanation, the spectrum project will oversee the development, testing and implementation of the FDM 3D printer is committed to high performance materials. As part of the CleanSky program, 3D printer will be based on the criterion developed by European Airlines Airbus, which will also 3D printer parts production standards.
Italian company 3ntr is developing a 3D printer hardware cost, fiber.Rescoll was said to have developed a database of plastic high performance heat and French company rescoll project coordination and is responsible for the development and manufacture of 3D printers print, will enable the automatic recording and tracking the 3D print.

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