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ALT 3D, business printing services, and provide the design, manufacture and service, is our radar just last month for the development of a new silicone 3D printing process. Since then, the California based company has decided to fight against waste.
The press conference said, “buy a roll of plastic wire roll, ALT realized that although I provide more than the standard additive manufacturing manufacturing many environmental benefits, they will be in the virgin plastic waste in Santa Barbara. Now the company is proud to announce that it will be a new way of doing business, and provide recovery recycling of printing products in the 3D community.
Not a moment too soon. Recent studies show that in the United States, only 9% of the consumer plastic recycling in 2012, left up to 32 million tons of discarded in landfill. Lawmakers in California and then take action to set new goals for the national waste recycling 75% 2020.
ALT quickly jumped on the plane, hope through the reduction in landfill, the number of channels and the plastic debris in the ocean, a dramatic change of the manufacturing industry in California. Their solution? “For the manufacture of plastic waste filament collection facilities from local California waste,” the company said.
Previously, we have seen similar initiatives like filabot company, the success of the Kickstarter movement has led to the development of the 2012 and the environmental awareness of the filament manufacturer retail: a machine that melted and extruded into wire, 3D printer Recyclable plastic.

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However, filabot and international audience made waves, the focus of the ALT is quite a lot of places. The Santa Barbara based company will be ready for the upcoming Indiegogo event dedicated to the 3D printing market in California.
In addition, ALT’s motion to set yourself apart from competitors in the material level. “Although there are a few companies use plastic bottle manufacturing PET 3D printing ALT filament, want to solve the plastic. Most of the little waste, recycling,” the company reports.
The key lies in the recovery of the details of the.ALT, 3D printing house made of filament is composed of a class of polymers called polyolefin. This includes common general plastics such as polypropylene, low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene used in the manufacture of the bottle, milk cans, plastic bags and other products easily discarded has a short life.
In general, polyolefin accounted for almost half of the earth’s plastic. But ALT assertions, they also constitute a large number of additive manufacturing untapped resources, as the “ideal material 3D printing.” the company explains, “high and low density polyethylene is desirable because of their flexibility, toughness, resistance high temperature (greater than 80C), and their influence, moisture and chemical resistance. Polypropylene is similar, but has high heat resistance, so that it can withstand the heat of the autoclave.

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