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A desktop 3D printer filament, which has been designed for the entire family, starts, and claims that its products make 3D print as a “simple preparation capsule coffee,” which has been designed with an interesting makness 3D printer capsule system
That is, instead of using 1 kg long thread shaft, most desktop 3D printer FDM do makness using the fiber capsule, each designed from proprietary 3D model catalog model enough material to print the selected. Although this method (unlike the Nespresso coffee capsule system) seems to be redundant or slight (think of packaging waste small coil wire extra), company 3D printer and fiber system for families who want a simple 3D printing system.
MK I 3D printer capsule itself is equipped with the automatic insertion mechanism of a patent, it allows the user to simply turn on the capsule holder filament, and the 3D printer will automatically feed filament into the extruder. For parents looking for a simple 3D printer for children to use, we can see why this system might be attractive.
The capsules are available in two sizes (small), also have different colors and different filament types. For example, the user can select the PLA plastic wood composite material, metal, plastic, rubber or silk. In color, the company lists thirteen different options in the Kickstarter page.


MK I 3D printer, the part is a stylish, compact machine equipped with WiFi connection and double extrusion system. The latter allows users to use two colors and two 3D printing, 3D printing nozzle can be used in series to the larger model. According to the MK start, I also have a patent after the cooling system, blowing the finished print of fresh air, so that you can remove your print very much, as long as it is finished.
Other specifications include a 200 x 200 x 200 mm print speed of 100 mm / sec, accuracy of 0.06 mm, a magnetic door, and user-friendly LCD. In the operating system of the 3D printer, makness does not require users to download or install any special software, but provides a network interface the user can select the model, and print.
According to start, users only need to register network credentials on its website, they will receive the 3D model directory. Once the user has a choice of model, they can simply click “print now” button on the site, and MK (I’ll prompt you to insert the filament capsule, of course).

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