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Bioinks is an important part of 3D bio printing technology. As the active elements such as biological materials containing proteins and living cells of the liquid, the bioinks design is additive manufacturing, building layers into specific bioarchitectures (custom implants or tissue structure, for example). We have seen that bioink and bioprinting have a lot of technology in the field of drug testing purposes, perhaps most notably.
Some bioinks already exists, regenhu pointed out that the material is not available for in vivo applications is appropriate (living means test) a new range of.Regenhu and peptigeldesign synthesis of hydrogel technology is said to help fill this gap. The so-called EMC bioink, the new bioinks five available (ready), or can be customized the specific application.
EMC bioinks is described as “non Newtonian material showing shear thinning properties, providing a three-dimensional peptide nanofiber scaffold that promotes cell expansion, cell growth and migration depending on the demand”

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New material technology will enable researchers to produce complex structures, in addition to true, the structure and function of organism is simple, says the company. Provide interaction between mechanical strength and cell scaffold, EMC bioink can be used as a stand-alone matrix, if necessary, can be integrated into a component system.
The bioinks is also widely used, also can be used for various purposes: To study tissue or disease, drug discovery, toxicity, efficacy, and the creation of regeneration implantation of.EMC bioink products at present through the regenhu online store and retail at a 3cc box at 158 and 242.
Headquartered in Cheshire, UK, peptigeldesign technology developers synthetic biomaterials and regenerative medicine solutions experts. The company has successfully developed a series of customized peptide based biomaterials, it is easy to copy and free of animal products, make the ideal liquid process. They also called bioprinting applications the development of cell friendly synthesis system.
Regenhu, part of it, has been committed to advancing technology and other biotechnology. Last year, the company developed a way to make 3D bio printing more accurate in Utrecht

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