glow in dark resin and filament

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It’s getting darker and darker, so we want to glow in the dark filament and resin stuff. We’re going to be in some very suspicious chemistry, in the dark of the resin, and show some of the top filament

Luminous filament

As far as I know, in the dark the resin shine does not exist on the market (for good reason), so we did some. Be warned that this is not recommended for some great photos

The number of arbitrary white luminescent powder resin mixed filament us in the dark. If you’re interested in measurement, I estimate we spent more than half a container of a 10 grams in the container in the glow powder. Using open mode, we print out the Low Poly Moai steven_dakh. please note that it is important the use of open mode properties of glow powder resin will change.

After several hours of polishing and gluing, frankly super glue too much smoke inhalation, our helmet assembly. Cyanoacrylate based super gum is a kind of material with different bonding. There is no denying the fact that before shooting a photo studio lamp, a high power light in the helmet, but the helmet light very bright.

You may have noticed the glow in the dark paint in our first picture. We have mixed results, but there are a few brands that you can try, and it may prove easier than suspicious resin chemistry

Before you go, here are some of the designs that we think will look great, use these materials!

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