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Holland additive manufacturing company leapfrog 3D printers launched a new FDM 3D print filament called engineering PLA. Traditional PLA new 3D printing materials are sold as a “perfect and highly resistant version”, making it a good substitute for ABS.
Leapfrog engineering of PLA, which is now can be ordered through the company’s online store, is a multi-purpose filament, is developed to provide a more powerful alternative to PLA for users, without resorting to the use of ABS.ABS is one of the most common 3D printing materials, although its PLA ratio as strong, and printing problems common, such as warpage. With its new project PLA, leapfrog is designed to provide a user with the same material, high strength and durability of ABS, but has a favorable print the same settings for the PLA.
The company said its new 3D printing filament extrusion temperatures between 205 C and 215 degrees C degrees, although the user can also save printing time between 30% by increasing the extrusion temperature is 220 C and 230 degrees C degrees and other characteristics and engineering is a strong adhesion layer (object is created to allow high pressure), low risk of warping, and ease of use.
As a kind of material, ABS can pass through the traditional production methods, which leads to more uniform part of the people’s Liberation Army, “read the website.” but the leapfrog 3D printer 3D print is different, it establishes some layer for the PLA is more suitable than ABS. so, through the improvement of 3D used in printing materials, you can create a better and optimize the product. The result is the engineering of PLA ”
At present, the new filament is available in three colors (white, black and silver), and in a 1.75 mm diameter format. Through the leapfrog 3D printer’s website, the manufacturer can order the filament to start at the core of Euro 45


With 3D printing a large number of filaments in there, it is difficult to know whether you choose the right, especially with most companies selling the same “high quality, durable, strong adjectives. For its new leapfrog filament, published a study that tested the comparison of different kinds of filament, its new engineering PLA do better. Report, published here, is to cooperate with the University of science and technology, innovation and society in Delft.
The test includes the use of different fibers (including the regular army, project, ABS, PETG, nylon, Flex, carbon, NGEN, hybrid, and pro1) part of 3D printing, a leg prosthesis. The tensile test, 3D is used to fill the print and 100%, that is the strongest of the nylon material, and the tensile force of 642.1 N, peak torque strength and toughness of the closest to the project and the PLA is 460.2 N.
Although nylon is ultimately chosen as the best choice for prosthetic components, its price (98 kg per kg) certainly makes it easier for engineers to select the manufacturers to make the 3D components with high strength and durability
As an additional test, beyond the 3D print the same locks from the regular army and see how they compare. As a marketing gimmick, the company requires manufacturers to test its winning proposal to provide advice and selection will be in a few weeks, the winner will have the opportunity to test the new project.

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