Polymer Process Aids masterbatch


Polymer Process Aids masterbatch (PPA masterbatch) are specifically designed to enhance extrusion ability of plastics (PE Films, pipes, tubes…) leading to productivity and / or quality improvement.

Polymer Process Aids masterbatch is based on Fluoroelastomers and are widely recommended for improving the processibility of polymers at higher shear rates.These are formulated to form a microscopic dispersed phase within the polymer carrier. During processing the fluoropolymer gets coated on the walls of the extruder and die. This reduces the extuder backpressure to decrease. To achieve the coating in a reasonable time the process aid masterbatch is typically added at 1% until the beneficial effects are seen. After this the addition rate can be reduced to 0.5% down to even 0.25% as long as the effect continues to be evident. A small addition must be maintained throught the extrusion run.

Normally there is a common practice to process at higher temperatures to get maximum out put which causes degradation, die deposition and reduction in mechanical properties. By adding Polymer Process Aids masterbatch , processing is possible at lower temperature with higher output without compromising the mechanical properties.

Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch

Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch features:

  • Improve product surface quality, increase surface gloss and transparency; eliminate die plot material; reduce melt fracture, rupture reduction, extending the continuous production time, reduce scrap, improve the processing properties of the resin;
  • In the process of color film can improve the vividness of the film; while reducing the melt pressure, reduce current consumption, increase product quality extrusion, improve production efficiency.
  • Significance of co-extruded film: gloss products for some improvement, improve resin processability, improve co-extruded extrusion efficiency and reduce resin processing temperature, you can use a narrower die design, compound and no impact.
  • The first time you use the PPA processing aid masterbatch four hours before the boot is recommended to use a ratio of 4 to 5 percent, the normal production proposals ratio of 1 to 2%. Users can add to adjust the ratio according to different products.

Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch applications:

  • PPA processing aid masterbatch is a fluorine-containing polymer masterbatches for the polymer processing infrastructure.
  • PPA masterbatch processing aids are widely used polyethylene (including LLDPE, MLLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, HMW-HDPE, LDPE, VLDPE), ethylene – vinyl acetate (EVA), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC ), polystyrene (PS), nylon, polyester PET, as well as PC, ABS and other engineering plastics processing.
  • PPA masterbatch processing aids can be used in thin film (blowing, drawing and casting) processing; wire, plates, tubes, profiles, wire coating extrusion process; also applies to the pigment dispersion technology and thin-walled blow technology products.
  • PPA masterbatch processing aids by the United States FDA food grade certification and potable water grade WARS certified products.

PPA processing aid masterbatch in polymer processing that can play a role in:

  • Reduce the apparent viscosity, pressure extruders and extrusion temperature;
  • Reduce or even eliminate the phenomenon of melt fracture and die product material phenomenon;
  • Reducing color change time and has a screw cleaning ability;
  • Broaden the processing capacity of existing equipment. Reduce the extrusion process and oxidative gel crosslinked gels;
  • Excellent high temperature processing performance;
  • Product with exceptional appearance and cost advantages.

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