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Full Customization On Masterbatch Colors

Leading Masterbatch Manufacturer in China

We deliver high quality, consistent and cost effective masterbatch solutions. A 26 year legacy of reliability, innovation & sustainability. Our commitment to being not just a supplier, but a reputable business partner, is unwavering.

Leading Manufacturer

Founded in the year 1997, our esteemed company boasts an impressive legacy in the realm of plastic masterbatch production. With a steadfast commitment to research and development, we have honed our expertise in the creation of various plastic compounds, including functional masterbatches, fiberglass reinforced plastics, and fire-resistant plastic raw materials. Situated within the vibrant confines of Tong’an Industry Park in Xiamen City, China, our facility stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence.

Masterbatch Manufacturer
Masterbatch Manufacturer

Masterbatch Factory

Spanning across our sprawling complex are five state-of-the-art factories, each equipped with over 70 advanced production lines. These production lines feature cutting-edge machinery sourced from industry leaders in the United States, Germany, and Switzerland. This arsenal of machinery empowers us with an awe-inspiring production capacity that eclipses 5000 tons per month, a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers worldwide.

Reliable Vendor

In our relentless pursuit of perfection, we adhere to the stringent ISO9001:2000 standards and rigorous Quality-Control processes. This unwavering commitment to quality assurance ensures that every product that rolls off our production line meets and exceeds industry benchmarks. Our dedication to quality is further validated by our compliance with internationally recognized standards such as SGS, RoHS, and EN71, underscoring our commitment to producing safe and environmentally responsible materials.

Masterbatch Manufacturer
Masterbatch Manufacturer

Quality First

At the core of our operation lies an unwavering dedication to crafting top-tier plastic masterbatches. Our extensive product portfolio includes an array of offerings, from Black masterbatch and White masterbatch to Color masterbatch. We specialize in creating masterbatches suitable for a wide range of plastics, including PE, PP, PET, PA, PBT, ABS, and PC. Beyond traditional masterbatches, our lineup also features specialized variants, such as Flame Retardant, Antistatic, Antiblock, Conductive, Antibacterial, and UV masterbatch, designed to cater to various applications, including blowing film, molding injection, and extrusion processes.

Competitive Price

One of our factories operates with a singular focus on producing PET and PP masterbatches tailor-made for PET filament yarns and PP multifilament yarns. These specialized materials have carved a niche for themselves in the market, thanks to their exceptional qualities and performance characteristics.

Masterbatch Manufacturer
Masterbatch Manufacturer

Worldwide Shipping

In addition to our masterbatch offerings, we pride ourselves on our range of engineering plastics. These include modified ABS, PP, PC, PBT, PA6, and PA66 granules that possess remarkable properties such as superior burning resistance (UL94 V-0 Grade), fiber reinforcement, heat resistance, and exceptional ductility. These materials are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements in various industries.

Fast Delivery

In our ever-evolving landscape, we invite you to embark on a journey of partnership with us. Our commitment to being not just a supplier, but a reputable business partner, is unwavering. We stand ready to collaborate with you and provide solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today and discover the difference that a partnership with our company can make to your endeavors. We are not just a beacon of quality; we are your trusted ally in the world of plastics.

Masterbatch Manufacturer

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