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Elevate Plastic Manufacturing with Iplastar’s High-Quality PET Masterbatches

Iplastar stands as a global leader in PET masterbatches, known for creating vibrant and rich shades unachievable with traditional pigments or dyes.

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Key Features of Iplastar's PET Masterbatches:

  • Transparent and Opaque Colors: Available in both variants, including Amber masterbatch, Blue masterbatch, and Orange masterbatch.
  • Non-Migratory: No migration into oil, water, or medicine.
  • Excellent Colorfastness and UV Stability: Ensures durability and resilience.
  • Varied Forms: Available in 3mm and 1mm granules, and powder for ease of dispersion.
  • FDA Approved: Safe for food-grade applications.
  • Low Dosage Levels: 0.1% – 4%, reducing raw material costs.
PET Masterbatch
  1. Enhanced color accuracy and brightness.
  2. Better dispersion of pigments, additives, and fillers.
  3. Cost-effective due to lower masterbatch quantities.
  4. Easy handling and storage.
  5. Consistent quality and performance.
  6. Time-saving by eliminating manual additive mixing.
Orange Masterbatch

Understanding PET Masterbatches:

PET masterbatches are concentrated pigment, additive, and polymer mixtures added to PET for improved color, strength, and processing. Ideal for PET bottles and films, they offer high-quality base polymer stability and a wide range of vibrant colors. PET masterbatches are characterized by their color consistency, UV stability, and processing stability, making them suitable for high-demand applications.

Desired Properties in PET Masterbatches:

  1. Bright, consistent color.
  2. Efficient pigment dispersion.
  3. Stability during storage and production.
  4. Compatibility with resin matrix.
  5. Minimal impurities.
  6. Long-term stability.
  7. Consistent batch results.
  8. Cost savings in production.
Amber Masterbatch

Types of PET Masterbatches:

  1. PET White Masterbatches: Bright, opaque white.

  2. PET Color Masterbatches: Various vibrant colors, including Amber masterbatch, Blue masterbatch, and Orange masterbatch.

  3. PET Carbon Black Masterbatches: Deep black with enhanced UV resistance.

  4. PET Film Resin Masterbatch: For film applications with excellent optical properties.

Each type offers unique advantages, such as UV resistance in PET carbon black masterbatches and a bright base in PET white masterbatches. Selecting the right masterbatch ensures optimal results in plastic manufacturing.


With Iplastar’s PET masterbatches, industries can achieve superior color quality, cost efficiency, and production effectiveness. Explore the benefits of Iplastar’s high-quality PET masterbatches and elevate your plastic manufacturing processes. For more details and to request a quote, visit masterbatch manufacturer.


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